"Hi everyone, it's Jonny from Woodworking with Five Tools. Today, I’m going to show you how to build this beautiful Flowerbox, which can be mounted inside your living area.

If you want to follow along with me, check out the video where I build the Flowerbox.



Construction foil

Furniture connector



• chainsaw

• angle grinder

• drill

• machine staple

• router


Time expenditure: 3 hours

Difficulty: 3/5


Step 1: routing out the holes for the furniture connectors (router)

First, we have to build a template. It must be as big as the wood beam.

We take an older bit to not make a fresh one to dull when using it on such old wood.

The copy ring is 24mm in diameter. So, to router out a whole that is 11.3mm, we must add the diameter of the router ring which is 1.2 so the whole we draw on the template must be 125mm x 29mm.

Once the holes in the template are routed out, fixate it with the flowerbox with screws, then router the whole into the wooden beam.

the depth of the pockets is decided by the depth of the furniture connectors.


- always double check the size of your template and think about adding the additional measurements which get added by the copying

Step 2: saw out the whole for the flowers. (chainsaw)

First draw on a grid or the area you want to have the pocket for the flowers later.

Then saw out the outer edges of the pocket before splitting the inner area in smaller pieces which can then be bend and taken out of the wooden beam or use a chisel, hammer or hatchet to break them off the wooden beam.


- only dive in with the bottom side of the chainsaw. (chainsaw training is recommended!)

- wear safety gear when using the Chainsaw!!

Step 3: Clean up the pocket for the flowers. (angle grinder)

Use the angle grinder with the cutting blade to smoothly cut off edges left by the chainsaw.

remember that the inner side won't be visible since the construction foil will cover the rest.


- wear gloves!

- be careful with the blade!

Step 4: stapling the construction foil into the pocket for the flowers

Place the foil in the pocket and staple the foil to the corners, don't staple the foil into the ground since we don't want water to have holes in the bottom where water could drain out and contact the wood.

at the end we cut of the rest of the foil so it's not looking out too much before we put in dirt and out plants.


- don't put staples through the construction foil at the bottom, only around the top

And you are already done building the Flowerbox, soon we will show you how to install it, in part two of this tutorial.